New ESO outfits August


 There's new stock coming to the Crown Store! Preview what's on its way in our latest Crown Store Showcase. The merchant caravans are on their way, bearing new stock for the Crown Store. The latest shipment includes three regal costumes, a new costume pack, and a rare and stunning mount that's sure to turn heads. Each month, we'll receive a new shipment of Crown Store items, so keep your eyes open for future previews!




Nedic Warrior Pack - Go ancestral! In Tamriel, ancient doesn't mean primitive. This costume pack includes three examples of the distinctive armor of the long-lost Nedes, drawing from the historical tribes of the Keptu, the Duraki, and the Perena.

(The Nedic Warrior Pack will be available in late August.)

Noble Dress -

Planning to attend a soirée with the important and the self-important? This elegant satin dress is the last word in aristocratic sophistication. Suitable for occasions anywhere in Tamriel where refined splendor is called for.

(The Noble Dress will be available in late August.)


Noble Suit


Wondering what the best-dressed Tamrielic gentleman is wearing this season? Concerned that you might be out of place or out of style? Worry no more! Show some class with this opulent yet restrained aristocrat's ensemble for the high-toned and the haughty.

(The Noble Suit will be available in late August.)


Wedding Suit


When planning a special occasion you'll remember for the rest of your adventuring career, deciding what to wear is not the least important matter. This dashing ensemble is perfect for exchanging Rings of Mara—or for surviving a wild skooma party. Because you know, style over substance.

(The Wedding Suit will be available in late August.)




Clouded Senche-Leopard – Limited Availability


The Clouded Senche-Leopard is a strong yet nimble mount, bred for hunting in the dappled shadows of the Tenmar forest in central Elsweyr. The Clouded is intelligent but stubborn, and will usually cooperate only with a rider it knows well, making them unsuitable as mounts in the Senche-Cavalry.

(The Clouded Senche-Leopard will be available for a limited time, from August 13th through August 17th at 10AM EDT/4PM CEST.)

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